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Beginner Course

Starting your journey in the Crypto-verse can be tough and unforgiving. Our tutors know exactly what’s it like the first time learning how what a coin is, how to make a wallet and what a coin/token is. Whether you need help understanding what a Blockchain is or trying to figure out the difference between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, our tutors are here to help. Learn from a choice of experienced teachers with vast experience in crypto-based business, trading, technology innovation, and cryptocurrency investing.

Unit Topics:

- What Is A Blockchain

- What Is A Crypto-Currency/ Why Do They Exist

- How Can You Use A Crypto Currency

- Legalities Surrounding Crypto Currencies

- What Is A Bitcoin

- What Are Altcoins

- What Is A Wallet, Private Key, Public Key, Memo

- What Are Cold, Hard, Soft Wallets

- Why Does Bitcoin Have Value

- What Is A Coin, Token, NFT, Governance Token

- What Is A Layer 1 Coin

- What Is A Layer 2 Token

- What Is A Consensus Algorithm

- What Is Proof of Work

- What Is Mining

- What Is Proof of Stake

- What Is Staking

- Getting Started

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Intermediate Level

(Only for experienced Cryptoers)
This teaching unit will take you on a deep dive into different crypto-based technologies. Coins relating to Defi, Insurance, Oracles, DEx's, Gaming/NFT's, Layer 2 solutions, Data storage, Data processing and more will be covered during this unit.


Unit List:

- Oracles

- Decentralised Finance

- Insurance

- Gaming

- Data Storage

- Date Processing

- DAG’s

- How to create a Coin/Token (due to the amount of different token/coin creation methods, prior notice will be required for this topic)

Modern way of exchange. Bitcoin is conve


Trading - Beginner

So you know how to create a wallet, you understand the technology and you now want to learn how to invest and trade. This teaching unit will focus on Centralized exchange usage, Decentralized exchange usage, Spot/Margin accounts, Leverage, Futures, Defi Pools, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis.

Unit List:

- Types of Exchanges

- Centralised Exchanges and Risk

- Decentralised Exchanges and Risk

- Fiat to Crypto Onramps

- Spot Accounts

- Margin Accounts

- Leverage

- Futures

- Defi Pools

- Technical Analysis (Introduction and Basic Training)

- Fundamental Analysis (Introduction and Basic Training

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